“Qualitative Higher Education To The Girls In Respectable Academic Environment”

Kanya Campus Pokhara (KCP) is a non-profit making, charitable and community based academic institute affiliated with Tribhuvan University of Nepal. Since its establishment, it is constantly offering an opportunity only for girls to pursue their higher learning in a conducive learning environment. The promotion of female education is a strong pillar of nation building process; KCP basically works for ‘Women Empowerment’ through qualitative higher education in the region. KCP is devoted to develop competent human resources who are well educated, highly skilled and trained, capable to accept growing challenges of ever increasing competitiveness of job environment. KCP, through its extracurricular activities and programmes, strongly supports its students to foster leadership and participative capability and builds up moral and self confidence so that they are able to realize their true potentiality and sharpen their decision making competence. Students are expected to be able to stand on their own by earning an excellent academic career.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop the institution as center of excellence to produce skilled qualitative human resources and empower women through quality education by sing mordern teaching pedagogy and research techniques.

Our Mission

KCP targets to empower women through quality education to generate self-dependent and skilled human resources that significantly contribute to the progress of society and the nation.

Teaching Modality and Pedagogy

KCP strives to teach and counsel constantly for intensive and efficient learning so that students may receive strong academic foundations, conceptual clarity and relevant skills that enable them to be successful in the process of globally competitive job hunting environment.

In addition to lecture method, KCP encourages its faculties to apply different methods and techniques as:

  • Seminar/Presentation
  • Case Studies
  • Expertise Guest Lecture
  • Observation and Group Discussion
  • Conference/Workshop
  • Field/Project Work/Term Paper Writing
  • Industrial Tour
  • Thesis/Research Writing
  • Internship
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